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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 19, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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constitution setting up what will likely be if not a crisis, certainly aan enduring conflict. that's for being with us. good night from new york. neil: tonight on cavuto, the sheriff who says it better not be so. the president can't be on the verge of doing this, can he? delaying deportation for millions of illegals. yes, he can and, yes, he will. to the man at the border who says what the president is about to do borders on criminal because he's just given the path to millions of criminals. who says the pipeline to pipe dream not the keystone ceo. he's telling me the president is not the only guy who can take executive action. dave ramsey on turkey day shopping spree that he says is for the birds. on the show heating up right now.
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welcome, everybody. twenty-four hours from now, you'll hear it and see it for yourself. the president of the united states said to break precedent with an executive order, break any hope of working with republicans. a massive deportation delay that could put off if not stop anything getting done these next two years. here to announce 8:00 p.m. i'll be hosting as it happens. just consider what we're up here here. the former carly says this deportation freeze could freeze anything getting done in washington the next two years. you have to wonder why he's doing it in the first place. what do you think? >> i actually think he's doing it to goad republicans into shutting down the government. republicans would do well to pause. president obama has no idea to solve the immigration problem.
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he never has. you'll find a senator. he voted against comprehensive immigration reform. when he became president and he held the senate and the house, he did nothing to fix a decades old problem. he spent 2011 and 2012 claiming he couldn't do anything. he then said in 2014, he would do something. then delayed it for an election and now says he'll do something. there are millions of illegals who aren't being deported now. president obama loves it when they fight him. what he's going to do is terrible. but what republicans should do is soberly and sismaticly past bills to solve problems once and for all. send them to the senate where we have a majority and show obama for what he is. a cynical politician who has no interest in solving this problem,
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but every interest into goading republicans into overreaching. don't take the bait. neil: that means you would let him do what he's doing. do you not challenge him in the courts, leaving aside whatever impeachable actions, let him do it and work around the edges of other stuff to stick it to him. >> challenging him in the courts may very well make sense. what he's doing is terrible. it's cynical. it's an overreach. the practical impact i'm not sure of. because so many illegals aren't being deported now. sometimes obama is famous for jes gestures that sound great, but don't mean much. i don't approve of what he's doing. republicans need to solve this problem once and for all. not in a comprehensive way, but systematic way.
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president obama wants to pick fights with republicans. he's a politician that wants to gain short-term political advantage. republicans have a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate they know how to govern. that matters for the party. it matters for retaking the white house in 2016. republicans should soberly and systematically pass legislation. let's pass keystone pipeline. let's pass border security bills. let's pass the 400 plus bills that have languished in the house that harry reid has never permitted anyone to vote on in the senate. in other words, republicans can and should govern. they will have the majority. then they can send those bills to president obama's desk where president obama will face a choice. he can veto legislation, which will demonstrate he's the obstructionist all along or he can
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accept legislation that is good for the american people. neil: we shall see. thank you. >> thank you. neil: to the sheriff who has had enough of this. maricopa sheriff joe has enough trouble being tragdragged to court by a federal government. now they're about to forgive millions of criminals who crossed that border. what are you going to do. >> they can't even get rid of the people we turn over. 4,000 that we turn over from our jails, they're hitting the streets anyway. so that's amnesty. but i'm a little concerned. you know, i spent 35 years on a border on each side. never thought that this immigration, illegal immigration problem would come to this. but lawyers have been calling me. they'll probably file a lawsuit against the president to at least try to do something to keep him from carrying on this ridiculous
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5 million amnesty situation that he's going to cause. neil: what do you think will happen at the border as a result. with 5 million looking at deportation. they don't need to fear that. if he's now saying, i'm going to delay deportations for 5 million illegals. what happens at the border now? does it get a little busier? a lot busier? more crazy? >> more people coming in. they think they will have a pass. probably will. it's a civil offense being illegally in this country. that's why i like congress to chip away and take this argue the illegal immigration problem, let the law enforcement, local state and local handle this. help out the federal government. and make it a serious crime now to be in this country illegally. i don't know if that's ever going to happen, neil, but something has
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to be done. i think the president is going to generate a lot of problems. and, by the way, why is he doing this tomorrow night. he knows that -- that the situation in st. louis is going to come out any time. that has racial overtones. this will have racial overtones. is he trying to kill two birds with one stone? neil: so i'm wondering about what happens afterwards. and for guys like you, you've been treated more as a criminal than the criminals you're rounding up. i would imagine all the more so after this, you're a huge impediment, just in the way of this trend away from doing what you've been doing. >> well, you know, the justice department, there's still that. one hundred days after obama and holder took office, they went after me. they still are. six years. neil: you don't that changing under his likely succes success?
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>> no, come on. the only time it will change is two years from now. it's a big problem. i'm a sheriff. i'm trying to do my job, neil. neil: best of luck continuing to do it. i think they threw a few more hurtles for you. enough to shut the government down. how to put a stop to what democrats say is a huge constitutional leap. liz mcdonald and tracy byrnes. liz, anything? >> i'm rethinking this. supreme court justice elaine akagan. this is what she said when this court, the supreme court vacated the labor -- remember the appointees, these resist appointees. you can't do that. the constitution does not give the president the power his will on the congress. (?) if they're so easy to evade. that's what republicans can argue.
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they can present their own positive immigration reform. more h1 visas. giving green cards to people with stem diplomas. and saying, if you want to live here, if you want to be an immigrant, if you're going to be under this, pay back taxes and pay a fine. neil: the bottom line the president is doing this because republicans blocked him at every turn. >> the ideas you give us is not good on border enforcement. so the president says, to hell with you, i'll issue a decree, that will be the end of that. how do they avoid looking like obstructionists again? >> this is about timing. two months before republicans control congress. take back the agenda -- neil: an executive order, unless it's challenged. >> what he's doing is
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he's challenging the republicans to say, you have to deliver a budget to me by december 12th. i challenge you to deliver one with money with the agencies taking care of immigration. he wants a budget showdown. neil: he won't accept a line item -- >> he will reject that. neil: that's what this is about. >> carly should run for president. she's so articulate and fabulous. she said it. he's goading the g.o.p. they have to grow up. it's like the little kid in the playground. that tries to get you something bad. then you're after school with detention. don't fall for it. neil: what do they do? but if they don't challenge him on this, and let's say they present legislation or budget that removes the funding for security in this, then he will not accept that. he'll shove it back. >> he cannot say, then we're going to shut this government down. >> wait a minute. they had a showdown a year ago.
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what price did they pay. there is no price to pay. >> they could do it another way, could they defund the budgets for the agencies -- neil: the president has always found a way to win on these pr arguments. >> they defunded -- the president wanted guantanamo shut down. guantanamo is still up and running. in other words, can the g.o.p. step in and say, we won't do a shutdown. can we defund. neil: when they came to defunding certain aspects of health care, he said it's all or nothing. the whole budget or nothing. >> that's true. >> they have to the high road. this is the republicans -- neil: the high road is letting him do this? >> putting stuff on the table -- there has to be another option. neil: you're accepting this. tracy: i'm saying they accept it with options. with caveats. neil: then the president rejects
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it. tracy: yes. neil: the president will look great. >> the media is at fault. they'll focus on a dreaded government shut down instead of the president going around the constitution and the congress. neil: you would think after the health care fiasco, that the media would say we were sucker punched on that, but i don't think that will happen. >> i don't think so either. >> they will be behind the eight ball on this. unfortunately with the issues. neil: you all don't get sucked into something. >> no. they ought to hold up their constitutional responsibility. i think they should defund -- neil: that's it. everyone could have detention on saturday. we'll announce when the president spells out his immigration plan. i'll be hosting a special about this. whether this will lead to a constitutional crisis. meanwhile, republicans are going after gruber
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of the american voter. they have figured out a way to rip off the feds for $400 million a year. a clever exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the american voter. that tax. the american voter is too stupid to understand the difference. neil: i keep playing that to remind you the audacity of that. and how decisions were made behind the thinking of that. americans aren't stupid enough to know when they're being lied to. voters are now telling us that they think both parties are actually goobers.
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>> people are disappointed. the voters are angry. >> i would love to see the legislatures speak more truthfully without being tainted by an individual party. >> there's definitely information that could be released that wants. >> they have the lobbyists interest at heart. that's who is running the country. they feel like we little kids that we can't handle the truth. neil: you know, that is a very wise gentleman. that's how american people are treated, like idiots, that they can't be told the truth because they can't handle the truth. deputy secretary teddy. how obamacare is no longer just a financial issue. it's now a trust in government issue. i think you're right on that, doctor. how do you get that back when again and again, we see decisions that are made without any input or regard for how americans feel. like after this midterm
11:18 pm
election when they overwhelmingly reflected how they feel. >> thanks for having he many. first, don't hire someone like gruber and don't pay him millions of dollars to consult on a complicated law to put together and he's only smart enough to explain to somebody. that's step one. neil: brilliant. when i hear the liberals say, oh, everyone is focused on gruber and all because they can't bother addressing the law, but the fact is, gruber is the law. he's the architect of the law. what he was saying then is selling something that he knew was a turkey. he was -- he was disfiguring something that he knew was a lie. and so when you look at that, you're looking at the underpings of a law that was seriously flawed and about which we were seriously lied to. >> that's true. the man on the street really do bring this home. that people start to lack trust in government
11:19 pm
over all not just the democrats who pushed this through. i think it has a larger and more pervasive and more problematic effect. it has an impact on gruber as well. peter barnes handed me a piece of paper where gruber lost his contract with the state of vermont. he's no longer going to be paid gobs of money for vermont to do the explaining of his complicated law. neil: yeah. but he's already gotten millions. he had the opportunity to take their money and run. here's what i find annoying about this process, and secretary, you've seen how this works, there's this idea that americans are too stupid to fathom something. i always find that when people hear something too good to be true, they scratch their heads and say this sounds too good to be true. so many were saying as this this was being crafted. wait a minute. you're insuring everyone in the country. covering people with preexisting conditions. keeping kids on policies
11:20 pm
longer, and you're telling me i won't be paying more for this and i won't risk losing my doctor and pay more for my coverage. many people said i don't know all the details. i know that doesn't make sense. in retrospect, they look brilliant because this were right. >> i never bought this theory of the stupidity of the american public. i've always been a fan of the bill buckley approach. he'd rather be named -- put me down in that camp. neil: i had forgotten that. thank you very much. well, keystone voted down, but republicans are piping up. boy, oh, boy. they're not giving up. how they might get the darn thing up and darn thing up and running.
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now jump off the bridge. what? in 3...2...1... are you kidding me? go. right on time. right now, over 20,000 trains are running reliably. we call that predictable. thrillingly predictable. neil: all right. voted down, but not out. transcanada telling me that the keystone pipeline will live to fight another day. russ, the president so far is ignoring it. >> the support for the project continues. it's growing. the need for it continues to grow. the pipeline has to get built. so it's just a matter of time, in my view to find the, you know, the
11:24 pm
approval process that gets us there. neil: all right. back with the all-stars. i think what they're saying, hopefully this will still get done. you buy it? tracy: yes. he'll use it as his wild card. i want this if you want that. so i want infrastructure spending. i want you to close tax loopholes. you can have your pipeline. >> no. absolutely not. tracy: yes. >> he doesn't negotiate. he doesn't negotiate anything. he's a bully. i think he may actually veto this when it comes to him in january, february, or march. neil: i used to say it couldn't happen, but now what's being done on immigration -- >> he doesn't care. he's in this for politics. tom steyer the billionaire who has laid the law down and drew the line in the sand, do not pass keystone. neil: the koch brothers.
11:25 pm
>> he said it's not the oil that's dirty. it's the politics. on every front that the president and the administration -- neil: the union guys? tracy: the union guys. the politics on this. they want it. this is an infrastructure's plan. neil: you think they would love it on that base alone. criticizing these are temporary jobs. much of the jobs we've seen are temporary jobs. and to lizzie's point, they're infrastructure jobs. they love that. >> this is a shovel ready project. the economics have made sense for years now. the only way obama embraces it eventually if there's a super majority and a whole bunch of democrats have signed on as well. >> have you seen one argument that has receded. they can't win on that argument. if you do it by truck and rail that's more
11:26 pm
polluting. tracy: global warming goes out the window. >> you don't see that argument from the administration. tracy: he has no legacy right now. obamacare is getting ripped to shreds. he passes this -- neil: why is he doing this? tracy: i don't know why he's doing this. if he passes this pipeline, he gets that. a small feather in his cap. maybe someone closes a tax loop heel hole he can't stand. then he can say, i did something. >> that is so rational. that is so rational in your thinking. he's not. he doesn't think that way. it's just him and politics. neil: he's taking a hard right left. >> he just signed that global deal with china. neil: the one they don't have to kick in until 16 years. >> which they won't do. what is his bargaining chip for to solve income
11:27 pm
inequality? neil: you're more or less he's saying a crazy man. >> there's no bargaining. in the last election, the congressional leaders came in and he said, well, i won. so i don't care what you have to say. when he meets this time, you know what, you won, but i still don't care what you have to say. he doesn't care. >> do you know how many people died with oil transported by truck. their towns had been roast north dakota canada because of this. tracy: there has to be a portion of his brain that is rational. someone will go to third grade and study the presidents of the united states. what will they say about president obama they have to say something good. keystone pipeline is only thing he has left. neil: like the gardener and the chef. neil, just getting to the presidency -- >> nobel peace prizes.
11:28 pm
neil: so we feel that's beyond debate. >> look, his agenda is to transform america. neil: he's done that. >> look, the deal he just cut on climate change overseas, that supersedes this. neil: when the transcanada, ceo is this will get done. what is he smoking? >> he's talking about congress. it will get done in congress. neil: no way around the president though. >> the ceo has so much invested, if he has to wait two more years, he will. long time, but he will. tracy: i think he will do this. >> even the kurds built a pipeline to turkey. tracy: there you go. neil: sure. okay. when we come back, here's the problem with keystone, health care, and immigration, and all this other stuff, the white house is doing that has so many fuming. we'll keep talking of transparency, but he keeps doing so from behind closed door.
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neil: and what is the deal with this administration slamming another door in our face? this flashback of closed doors health care talks back then is reminding us that we're still being locked out now. shut out, locked out, and we're trying to figure out, remember watergate. get ready for doorgate. it looks like at least 10-foot, not your home depot garden variety cherrywood door. on the ninth day, the door gate cracked. doorgate day 11. no one is getting behind that door. i can't in harry reid's office. time for doorgate 24.
11:33 pm
doorgate day 32. we have resorted back to the twilight door. the only people getting in are democrats. we were making light of a very serious issue. all these behind closed door talks of just democrats sort of cooking this thing up, that was health care, without any input from republicans. without any reaction from us. and we wonder why we're in the mess we're in. andrew on facebook writes: maybe we can take a moment and lock them in there indefinitely while the rest of us try and fix our country. pat: lock them in with bars on the windows. paul: i was wondering when you would get around to this. i watched your show the entire time. well done. we're back to doing it again. jenny: they shoved it down the public's throat. we'll regurgitate this
11:34 pm
back piece by piece. was so awesome it had to be hidden from the camera. colorado: obama said it was thoroughly vetted. cindy: the whole time the door was locked, they were laughing at us stupid folk. i feel the same as it when it happened, lied to and robbed. anyone with intelligence knew from day one, it was nothing more than a scam on the american people. i'm mad as with hell. it sounds too good to be true, probably is. you were more than probably right. obamacare has elevated everybody's distrust in government. the whole thing needs to be scrapped. i thought this was the most transparent administration in history. when would that happen? i'm glad republicans have capitol hill in check. change is coming. russ, we'll see about that. the way things have going on in his lame duck session, although to be fair it's still a
11:35 pm
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>> i'm maria bartiromo, it's the new economy. dobie ceo will talk about mobile share service. how it makes businesses to engage with customers. on the opening bell, fox business network. neil: retailers the grinch that stole thanksgiving. anyway, more stores are opening up after turkey dinner. some after turkey lunch. (?) consumers are ready to gobble up more deals. dave ramsey is here to help you from getting your own turkey cook. dave is the mega best-selling author.
11:39 pm
huge on the personal finance front. cheap guy. very cheap. i say it in the kindest way. he watches his money. it's all part of a legacy journey. boy, retailers are tempting us on thanksgiving. >> we have this culture, part of our consume consume culture, we don't ever stop and say thank you anymore. this is thanksgiving. you know, the opposite of entitlement is gratitude. maybe we ought to stop and just take a day and say thanks. it's okay to buy stuff. if you want to sell stuff, that's fine. i've noticed even some of these businesses that close to sunday, their sales go up. chick-fil-a, hobby lobby, sometimes a pause in the ebb and flow of life to realize it's not about stuff. neil: the retailers are saying they
11:40 pm
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
how do you deal with that? how do you tell people to cool it on the idea that materialism is going to buy you love? >> you know, if you're buying love, i don't think that's called a relationship. i think that's called something else. so you need to think about what you're doing when you're buying love. and on the street, they call it something else. don't be buying love. it's okay to give nice things. okay to do that. where everything starts to hinge on this sense of entitlement. if your little kid has a fit because they don't get what they want, that little kid is not even -- neil: i know you had a fortune. came into incredible fortune. people must know, boy, dave, he's doing okay. i expect something nice from dave. >> i don't know if they do or not. some of them think i'm cheap. maybe not. really, if you have
11:43 pm
those types of relationships, you need to really gauge, is that a real relationship or not? what's really going on there? what are we teaching our kids. you want to teach your kids to be grateful. grateful kids are unbelievably attractive. by the way, grateful adults are too. neil: your daughter mentioned something that you've echoed in the past. this idea of only spending a certain amount of money. set a budget in your mind. if not outright in your head. throw cash in a bag. only spend what you have. >> yeah. have a budget for christmas. absolutely. neil: do you put cash in a bag. >> envelope. put the cash in there. neil: do you use charge cards at all. >> debit cards is all. neil: when you're getting something at the store -- >> my wife shops primarily with cash. neil: are you like homeless people when you go? how do you do that? >> an envelope.
11:44 pm
800 bucks doesn't take up that much room. neil: but you're serious about that. >> yeah. when you spend those hundred dollar bills, you feel it. when the envelope is empty, you need to leave the mall. you're not in congress. you can't just keep spending. neil: you know, meat and cheese. always of value and always a buy. >> they're always sent to you just this time of year. neil: they are. indeed they are. dave ramsey, he's as good as he is smart. apparently, he's passing on to the next generation. amazing. the national guard is called in not just in the ferguson, in buffalo? snowed in for the economy how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy.
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it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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neil: you know, good thing they
11:48 pm
dropped they whole globalling thing. climate change is happening all right. just not the way some environmentalist bill it when they said, neil, in the winter you'll be wearing bermuda shorts. we're still in a deep freeze. virtually all 50 states have experienced freezing temperatures over the past week. nowhere is it worse than buffalo, new york. look at that. the national guard is there. it's dealing with the deepest storm ever. this is something buffalo knows well. even gubernatorial candidate carl said this is beyond what even buffalo knows. and he counts buffalo as his hometown. good to have you. how bad is it. >> neil, help. may day. may day. neil: what happened. >> i'm trapped in my house. i can't see my car out the back window. 6 feet of snow out there.
11:49 pm
my guys can't on the streets because the plows can't push the snow. they're having to bring loaders in to load snow out. except that, they haven't arrived yet. probably one of the reasons is because our politicians were just on tv live, okay, andrew cuomo, and byron brown for a photo op with 51st responders with them telling us what we already knew that it's snowing as it has been and we'll be hit with a second wall between the first and second storms. eye of the hurricane. neil: i have some bad news for you. everyone else was dug out in your neighborhood. they just didn't want to big yodid idig you out. what are they doing. >> it's about a one-mile wide snow ban. that goes through a
11:50 pm
couple of the other snow towns here. we got hit. it stayed on top of us for over 24 hours. it was misery. now it was sunny. sunny today. a second band coming, which will hit us again probably with two or 3 feet of snow. in the meantime, okay, my people who are in and around the area here, because we have a lot of holdings here, have been telling me that nobody has seen a piece of equipment. okay. it's not there. where are they? i don't know if they're in the north part of the city or wherever. they're certainly not here. we haven't seen a national guard. we haven't seen a plow truck go down my street which is an emergency type street. it's silliness. neil: i'll give them the benefit of the doubt. they're probably more than overwhelmed. >> yeah. but they're more overwhelmed with the politicians wanting to give photo ops than dealing with the reality of the situation. i have 400 people in
11:51 pm
three hotels a half a mile from my house. we've been out of food 20 hours out of there. i can't get a vehicle in to bring food to them. neil: how this is impacting your business. how it's impacting a lot of businesses. a lot of folks can't get out and shop. they can do so online if they haven't lost their power. this will have a big hit on the area, isn't it? >> it will hurt economically. we'll be down at least another two or three days. it will go in the 60s this weekend. what that means is floods. then the floods will come. this stuff will melt and we'll get floods. that's the way things are. you talk about the world warming up. i don't think so. i think that's a lot of baloney. neil: i always joke with you. i mean it with the greatest respect. you're a self-made multi millionaire. you could be in bermuda
11:52 pm
right now. you could be in the caribbean. you chose not to. do you regret that decision? >> could have. should have. stick around and face it. face the rea realeil: that is r. thank you very much, carl. carl, undergraduate of saint bone vitz university where it snowed every day i was there throughout the four years i was there. carl, thank you. meanwhile, waiting for the fury over ferguson. those rallies popping up after the shooting. wait until you see what happens after the happens after the ruling. (receptionist) gunderman group.
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>> in tonight's biz blitz, businesses are bracing for decision on the michael brown case, the grand jury ruling expected any moment. this is what we saw in ferguson back in august. whichever way the jury rules, people are expecting the worst. you know this goes, obviously shuts down businesses, too. so guys, i mean it could put
11:56 pm
that city under a pole for a while, right? >> exactly right. 80 businesses in ferguson saw revenues plunge during the last round of rioting, and 30 businesses saw looting and damage to their businesses. the rioting hurts the local economy very badly in an area where the average income i think is around 37,000. 100,000 less than the state of missouri. >> won't are limited to ferguson or st. louis, this will affect other cities where rioting and looting will take place. one person has the power to prevent mayhem. and all that potential rioting. that is the president of the united states what he should do is speak to the nation before the grand jury comes out with the ruling and say we should all respect the judgment of the grand >> he's not rational. >> the attorney general already
11:57 pm
said there is no indictment that comes down, the feds will come over and maybe have a case. >> he has a moral obligation to do that, he won't because he's not rational. >> hashtag ferguson on social media represents the ugly side of politics, it is a national conversation now. everyone is talking about it at home and it is everywhere. raledless how this comes down, it's going to be ugly. >> the d.o.j. is taking privacy fight to a bit of an extreme, a child could die because of the encrypted iphone policy, make it harder for authorities to get in touch with folks, including the bad guys. apple is essentially handcuffing police investigations. mark? what did you say to that. >> scare tactics happen when government agencies feel their authority being challenged. this is a classic clash between private sector and public sector. because of the nsa snooping scandal, i don't think silicon valley cares what they have to
11:58 pm
inta it. i don't think they're going to play ball. >> apple is a technology company, it will say listen this is a privacy issue, if you want the information, government, get a warrant. at&t is saying that for the first time. you may need to get a warrant. usually it's considered business records, by the government, and by the courts that telecom phone records are considered business records, that's why they could get the information, now at&t is saying to the government, maybe there is a consumer privacy issue. the need to have probable cause to get the information to get a warrant. >> scare tactics. neil, you want to know where your kid is, i want to know, i could tell you right now. want me to track them for you? this is what we do as parents, we track them, i follow them, the police has a question, they ask me. >> there is that. issue three, the war on drugs and the war on chips. brazil is saying potato chips,
11:59 pm
chicken nuggets, brazil is off my vacation roster. what do you think? >> i think every person that comes out of brazil is hot, and maintain their high-processed diet because they are all beautiful. >> i have a protest. i'm going to protest the food police right here. >> what do you have? >> snacks for everybody. >> this would not go well in brazil. >> okay. something for everybody. this is my protest to the food police. so this directive has good information, good guidelines. take your pick. it is pretty good. >> you don't like any government in your stuff. >> good information, good guidelines but the food police will use it to restrict private enterprise. >> the food companies want this market, it's the fifth biggest in the world. 200 million people, right? >> right. >> no small irony brazil is part of the food problem, they export a lot of sugar and soy.
12:00 am
>> they are beautiful people. >> they block the food companies from being a part of this.ay dent >> kennedy: gruber is out the u.s. has fallen. we used to be lamp of the free for liberty junkies now because of the of overregulation and economic stagnation our freedom is eroding by the day and the president is acting unilaterally on anything he pleases and now talking about toxic power gas he will get in on the act. the good news is i will show you all about the grizzly adams trend that could save your libido.


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